Aarnun Gallery

People portraits

Over the years we have arranged many commission pieces which have brought great pleasure for our Clients. Consider this nice way to give a very special gift.

  • Ana's Daughter by Barbara Ciolino • 12 x 16 Oil on linen on panel
    $1,000.00 unframed, including photo shoot • Framing ranges from $150.00 up.

  • Wedding Toast by Terry Kelly • 11 x 14 Pencil drawing from Newspaper clipping
    $1200.00 unframed • Framing ranges from $150.00 up.

Several of our Artists offer handsome portraits of animals, houses, and people. In each project we select the right combination for style and medium and our clients have been most pleased with the results. There is no more thoughtful gift than to commemorate the life of a charming animal friend or even a lovely home that we must now leave. Our artists work from their own photographs, or in some cases can do a portrait from your photograph.

We also provide hand lettered painting labels by Cecile DeCigaran. Done on gold leafed wood these add a special touch to any framed presentation. The label can be any size and on a variety of finishes to compliment the frame or artwork….even the lettering style is selected to match the period of the painting or illustration.