Aarnun Gallery


Art Exhibited at AARNUN GALLERY is selected for its rich composition, confident style, and evocative atmosphere. In the shop pieces are presented and arranged to highlight the variety and quality of this "Evolving Collection" and showcase each individual artist. And the mix of artists works, style and subjects are carefully chosen and edited to resemble a comfortable grouping of art in your collection at home.

Dan Chuba

  • The Black Vase • 11 x 14 Oil on canvas
    $950.00 in Custom black Whistler frame with 22 Kt gold Hicks corners

  • Oranges With Blue Shadows • 8 x 8 Oil on paper
    $625.00 in Custom rustic weathered frame including museum glass

  • Light Study, Oranges • 8 x 8 Oil on panel
    $500.00 unframed, $640.00 in Custom dark wood stain frame

  • Cloudscape from Mulholland • 12 x 12 Pastel on paper
    $875.00 in Custom angled charcoal-stained wood frame, 8ply mat and spacers

  • Cloudscape from Mulholland II • 12 x 12 Pastel on paper
    $875.00 in Custom angled charcoal-stained wood frame, 8ply mat and spacers

As with many artists, Dan has a day job.  Extremely accomplished in the hi tech world of visual effects and digital animation he is responsible for special effects on many films and for seeking out quality subjects to produce as feature films such as The Boxcar Children which he produced and co-directed.  But, along the streets of Pasadena if one were to peer in at Aarnun Gallery it would be elegant still life and landscape paintings that would be seen with Dan’s name “attached”.  Working in pastel on paper as well as oil on paper or canvas his pieces are exquisite and always personal.  Our favorites have been his views from the top of Mulholland and his classic studies of fruit and flowers.

These works stand alone handsomely but also make distinguished additions to a collage style grouping of paintings.  Like the artist himself each painting exhibits extraordinary talent and quality but there is also a comfortable ease of personality and atmosphere.