Aarnun Gallery


This is a very personal selection of Pottery, featuring sophisticated glazing techniques and "non-production" shapes. Most are functional, all are beautiful.

Gary Christofi

  • Coil Pot, Orange Shino glaze over black with Tea Dust
    13 inches tall, all hand made coil construction • $350.00

  • Blue-green glazed vase • 6 inches tall, wheel thrown and slightly flattened • $40.00

  • Tapered Coil Pot, K9 glaze • 8 1/2 inches tall, all hand made coil construction • $100.00

  • Ito Red Pot • 6 1/2 inches tall, beautiful orchid pot • $50.00

  • Tenmoku Rope Pot • 7 1/2 inches tall, rope woven of two different clay bodies • $140.00

  • K9 Glazed Coil Pot • 11 inches tall, K9 glaze can be tan or
    a rich blue, in this case only the rim is blue • $225.00

While Gary Christofi spends his days deeply involved in his Architectural firm here in Southern California, any free weekend that crops up takes him immediately into the world of ceramics.

Gary is a detail person, but he also needs the freedom that building things of clay can give and we are the lucky recipients of the process. Our particular favorites at Aarnun Gallery are the coil pot series which are completely handmade. And the glazing techniques of two or three layers, poured and sprayed, insides considered just as important as outside, all work to make Gary’s ceramics dramatic and beautiful, gutsy and completely functional.