Aarnun Gallery


Out of the camera, through a computer, hand-drawn or applied surface textures – all are evident in this small but most intriguing set of works by our featured Photo/Print Makers.

Carey James

  • An Untitled Urn • 8 x 12 Monoprint with black ink
    $475.00 in Custom Black neo-classic frame with Hicks silver rosette corners.

  • Views of Versailles II • 17 x 23 Chine Colle (Collage) and drypoint • $700.00 unframed

  • Gatsby Urn II • 13 x 18 Monoprint multicolor • $600.00 unframed

  • Urn in Blue and Green • 3 1/2 x 5 Dry point etching with water color • $250.00 unframed

  • Rosecliff • 27 x 36 Monoprint, full color with hand embellishments
    $2800.00 in Custom gold American Federal style frame with linen matting

  • Urn in Pink • 3 1/2 x 5 Dry Point etching with water color and gouache overlay • $250.00 unframed

  • Morceau de la Bassin de Saturne Dore, Versailles • 16 x 20 Chine Colle (collage) on ecru paper • 600.00 unframed

Printmaking is no small artistic endeavor. One must be totally committed to the process in order to achieve a finished work. Not only is Carolyn James a devoted and accomplished printmaker, but she has delved into every aspect of the art and offers a variety of methods in her overall work. Also a workshop instructor at the Armory Center for the Arts Carolyn helps others to develop their skills and techniques. Favoring classic subjects such as the fountains at Versailles and the stone urns at “Rosecliff” in Newport R.I. Carolyn brings them into contemporary focus with her painterly approach. Indeed, as most of her prints are Monoprints (one only, with a “ghost image” on occasion) they are completely individual. Gorgeous textures, layered color and perfectly edited composition make her work rich in depth–giving the viewer lasting visual pleasure.