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Art Exhibited at AARNUN GALLERY is selected for its rich composition, confident style, and evocative atmosphere. In the shop pieces are presented and arranged to highlight the variety and quality of this "Evolving Collection" and showcase each individual artist. And the mix of artists works, style and subjects are carefully chosen and edited to resemble a comfortable grouping of art in your collection at home.

Doris Briglio

  • Capistrano Lily Pads II • 30 x 36 Oil on canvas
    $4,200.00 in Custom hand-carved 22Kt gold frame

  • Lotus Bud • 11 x 14 Oil on canvas
    $600.00 unframed • $750.00 in Gold bamboo style frame

  • Echo Park Lotus Blossoms • 16 x 20 Oil on canvas
    $985 unframed • $1200 in Custom 22Kt gold ribbed frame with linen liner

  • Pink Lotus, Open • 11 x 14 Oil on canvas
    $600 unframed • $750 in Gold bamboo style frame

  • Pink Lotus With Black Stems • 12 x 16 Oil on canvas
    $650 unframed • $800 in Gold bamboo style frame

Doris Briglio said of her work “A painting is a surface to which color and shape are applied, and is something entirely separate from subject matter”. She described herself as a representational impressionist focusing on the effect of light on form. Words are good for getting close to things, and we need them, but they are not as good as the real thing. So seeing in person the absolutely luscious oil paintings Doris made is the only way to share in what she was after. In every direction of her still lives or landscapes, it is the abstract qualities that shine through and color and form are what pulls one toward a deep appreciation of her works.

Doris passed away in 2011. It has been a pleasure working with her over these years since 1997 and AARNUN GALLERY is pleased to offer a few last images kindly made available by her family.