Aarnun Gallery


Always on the lookout for ways to combine art with other accessories, AARNUN has many interesting vignettes as examples.

  • One of many unusual desk frames...this one is 18 Kt gold over pewter, shown with a handsome necklace with Onyx cross on gold chain. Many other pewter and gold desk frames are in the shop.

  • Aarnun has many sources for refined quality desk and photo frames and keeps a special eye out for unique finishes, and variations that will work together for tablescapes of your favorite pictures.

  • This stunning cut-out frame design is all cherry wood including wooden back and would fit perfectly in a craftsman home. Shown here with a painting by Nancy LeMay.

  • An example of combining art with various accessories. This little group could sit beneath a table lamp in a guest bedroom or all resting in front of a mirror on an entry table.

  • Aarnun Gallery carries a small selection of nice lamps. From very small, fitting in a shelf unit or book case, to larger table lamps.

  • With a penchant for pottery, Aarnun has a really rich selection of ceramics focusing on quality of glazes and shapes, all hand done from three very individual ceramic artists.

  • This may seem like a catch-all, but every collector needs a beautiful display case, or etagere, or glass cabinet to show off the pieces gathered over a lifetime.

  • Here we are showing an example of how to create a special wall of same frame/same size artworks that are modest reproductions all by the same artist.

  • Small paintings lead to intimate arrangements…and when juxtaposed with a glowing wood tabletop or a sparkling crystal vase all qualities play off of one another.

  • Classic Urn. An antique Tibetan piece of coiled brass and tiny turquoise stones embedded over the entire surface.

  • Here is a bit of tongue in cheek humor with a turbulent sea scape paired with an oversize metal fish sculpture.

  • Color and especially hits of red are so important to making a pleasing room or corner. These small boxes could can go contemporary or traditional.

  • Three dimensional objects including sculpture add a sophisticated element. Scale is important and of course texture and patina. This solid bronze sculpture has it all.

There is no end to the ways in which art can be displayed, grouped, and featured in our homes or offices. To help in the process AARNUN provides stands, bases, museum mounts, easels, picture lights, lamps, desk frames, and editorial services. We love to make suggestions and are happy to lend artwork, lamps and other items “on approval” to allow for a comfortable decision. Our shop is full of arrangements to give inspiration — come see!