Aarnun Gallery


Art Exhibited at AARNUN GALLERY is selected for its rich composition, confident style, and evocative atmosphere. In the shop pieces are presented and arranged to highlight the variety and quality of this "Evolving Collection" and showcase each individual artist. And the mix of artists works, style and subjects are carefully chosen and edited to resemble a comfortable grouping of art in your collection at home.

Barbara Ciolino

  • Young Big Boy • 11 x 14 Oil on linen on panel
    $1100.00 in Custom 22Kt gold and white gold frame

  • Ana's Daughter, commission • 12 x 16 Oil on linen on panel
    $1,000.00 unframed, including photo shoot • Framing ranges from $150.00 up

  • Self Portrait • 12 x 16 Oil on linen on panel • Not for sale

  • Tropical Still Life • 12 x 16 • Oil on linen on panel • Sold

  • Still Life with Scissors • 11 x 14 Oil on linen on panel • Sold

  • Time and Still Life • 16 x 20 • Oil on Canvas • $900.00 unframed

Exacting in her approach Barbara Ciolino puts her all into every painting. From planning the image and composition, to brushwork and color selection it is there for a good reason. That may sound restrictive, but those controlled elements simply allow for all of the other atmospheric qualities to come to the fore. As in a her marvelous sense of humor, often found in the animal portraits she has done of her own “crowd” (three cats) and those of our client’s favorite beasts. Taking the time to find the right pose, the right light, and getting the personality down make Barbara’s portraits a total success.

But the same is true of her still life images. It is all about the juxtaposition of disparate parts, stunning backdrops and luscious colors.