Aarnun Gallery


We hear it over and over - the frame makes all the difference - and it is true, the right frame does make the artwork look fantastic.

  • Custom drawing frame. Finishes can be varied on "panel" and corners.

  • Old Italian painting framed in Custom hand-carved frame.

  • Examples of Custom designed leather frames, and hand carved 22 Kt gold frames.

  • Sample board showing carved frames and various finishes.

  • Detail of 3 inch wide hand-carved stained wood frame.

  • Detail of narrow Tramp Art style frame hand-carved.

  • Detail of 8 inch wide hand carved moulding from Columbia.

  • Sample board showing a variety of 22 Kt gold frames with Red accents.

  • Grouping of 1/2 to 1 inch wide moldings all with Asian accents and carving.

  • Detail of 5 inch wide pine frame with hand carved sections of 22 Kt gold in corners.

  • Sample board showing unique finishes in both 22 Kt gold and 12 Kt white gold with underpainting in flower and leaf colors.

  • Sample board showing Craftsman frames, some with through mortise and tenon construction, some with hardwood inlay, ebony pegs, custom finishes on quarter sawn oak, or walnut.

  • Sample board showing dramatic Black and 22 Kt gold finishes.

  • Corner details of Craftsman frames.

In picture framing amazing transformations do take place! With the right frame–one that both compliments the art and is beautiful in itself–a painting, or any work of art, can be elevated to a very special status. We are ever on a search for moulding to add to our extensive collection that will improve and enhance pieces of art. Of particular interest are the fine finishes available in “closed corner” frames. These frames are joined in a raw wood first, then underpainted with a tinted gesso, then gold leafed or painted with final colors, then burnished or rubbed through to the under colors for a complex finish that sets off the art and looks wonderful on its own. We look for these same qualities in standard stock mouldings as well so that we can offer a range of pricing to fit the budget.

There are literally thousands of incredible frames to choose from at Aarnun Gallery Fine Picture Framing and we have panels, liners, french mats, hand-wrapped fabric mats, hand-finished beveled fillets, archival mats, and everything else that could possibly be needed to achieve perfection in framing.

Let us help you with your next framing project. Please call us at (626) 793-4805 to discuss any ideas or questions you may have or just come by and we’ll work together to find the best possible frame for your art.