Aarnun Gallery


Art Exhibited at AARNUN GALLERY is selected for its rich composition, confident style, and evocative atmosphere. In the shop pieces are presented and arranged to highlight the variety and quality of this "Evolving Collection" and showcase each individual artist. And the mix of artists works, style and subjects are carefully chosen and edited to resemble a comfortable grouping of art in your collection at home.

Barbara W. Davis

  • Olive Trees Near the Villa • 12 x 16 Oil on panel
    $800.00 unframed • $950.00 in Custom hand-carved plein air style frame

  • Vineyard Springtime • 20 x 24 Oil on panel
    $1800.00 unframed • $1950.00 in dark plein air style frame

  • Barbara W. Davis painting on site at the Villa Bella Vista, San Gimignano in Tuscany

A self-described wanderer, Barbara Davis has seen and painted many beautiful world views including the hills of Tuscany. On a trip to San Gimignano Barbara was truly inspired to make a small collection of works featuring Italian landscapes. Holding to her painting style and tradition of soft focus and greyed colors these pieces still exude sunshine, fresh air, and ancient ways of life.