Aarnun Gallery


There is nothing quite like the warmth of polished stones and the glistening of gold and silver against the skin. Jewels are a necessity.

Cecile DeCigaran

  • Tourmaline and Mixed Minerals Necklace • With Sterling Silver clasp and twist wires
    16 inches in length, $275.00

  • Roman Glass Necklace • Gold fill clasp with Sterling Silver coil accent
    18 inches in length, $126.00

  • Tibetan Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace on Green Turquoise and Ethiopian Silvered Beads
    Sterling Silver clasp, 3 ring extension • 16-17 inches in length, $240.00

  • White Pearl disc earrings wrapped in Sterling Silver. • Sterling Silver ear wire, white pearl accent
    2 1/4 inches in length, $115.00

  • Rough aqua stones with turquoise glass cubes, electroplated in 23 Kt Gold • Solid brass S clasp
    16 1/2 inches in length, $425.00 (Matching earrings available $135.00)

  • Moonstone carved pendant on blue and white porcelain beads • Sterling Silver clasp
    16 inches in length, $96.00

  • Abalone 2 strand Necklace with freshwater pearls • Twist-wired in Sterling Silver, finished with Sterling clasp
    16 inches in length, $160.00

  • Agate and Tourmaline 2 strand Necklace • Oversize gold plate toggle, rough and polished agate combined
    21 inches in length, $295.00

  • Onyx and 23 Kt gold-trimmed Cross with accents of Lava on open gold chain
    Gold fill clasp and chain, polished lava cubes • 17 inches in length, $145.00

  • Tiger Eye 3 strand Bracelet with Agate pendant • Gold fill clasp, fine strand of tiny onyx and gold beads
    8 inches in length, $275.00

  • Mosaic Pendant Necklace on Gold coin chain • Bronze clasp, tourmaline drop,
    pendant of cast stone in 23 Kt gold electroplate
    17 1/4 inches in length, $175.00

  • Dark Baroque Pear Earrings • Gold fill ear wire
    1/4 inches in length, $45.00

  • Roman Glass and Tourmaline Necklace • Double Strand
    17 inches in length, $385.00

There is a spirit of rustic beauty in the pieces designed by Cecile DeCigaran — some in collaboration with Marcia Nunnery.  When linked and wrapped, and cut, and polished our pendant necklaces, drop earrings, and multi-strand bracelets, are works of art in themselves. We recommend stacking and layering to get maximum gorgeousness!

This is just a sampling of Jewelry at Aarnun Gallery.  You can view many of the pieces by visiting Etsy.com.  Or come into the Gallery to see them up close.